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Glen Miller Is Missing

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

I have approximately 1,000,009 part recorded songs across computers, tape recorders and, very possibly, wax cylinders.

Having decided that it was time to “finish” some of them and share them with the world the problem then became which one to finish first. Logically (!) I decided to finish one I hadn’t ever even started to record. Since it was one of the first I wrote some 2/3 of my life ago it makes some sort of sense. Take yourself back to 1979……


King of Pain….

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Yes, more black spots on the sun today (well, yesterday actually).  Finally I get to use my solar filter for an interesting event as Mercury makes it merry way across the face of the sun…..we were forecast clouds all day but in the end there were a couple of hours with enough breaks to get the shots that made up this composite….


Hello again

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

Loads has happened but most importantly there’s a new masthead photo up the top reflecting our new location AND I’ve mended the broken archives link over on the left whilst relearning web coding for the new venture……

That’s Zee and Daisy the dog centre picture and Phoebe dog the small speck off to the right, all on Camber sands last Sunday.

Shibboleth 2?

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

I liked Doris Salcedo’s Shibboleth (above) at the Tate Modern a few few years ago.  Since I couldn’t afford to buy it I decided to get my own with the help of a poorly maintained council owned tree.

Or something like that, anyway.

…..once upon a time, about two and a half years ago, we returned from a very pleasant holiday in Corfu.  A few hours after our return our next door neighbour knocked to enquire whether we had any cracks in the party wall.  We replied that no, to our knowledge we did not.  He persuaded us to check and sure enough, behind the TV there was indeed the beginnings of a mini-Shibboleth.  Moving more furniture revealed further cracks along the party wall and indeed on the front bay.  The cracking pattern was found to continue upstairs where it was even better hidden, being at the back of our wardrobe.
“Arse,” and indeed, “Feck!” but strangely not “Drink!” were amongst the words we exclaimed.  It was clearly, to us at first, an issue of subsidence rather than an artistic statement and hence we agreed with our neighbour that we’d both contact our insurers the next day.

The agent contracted by our insurers was on the property within a few days and after an inspection of less than hour concurred that this was indeed subsidence and that it would be covered by our household insurance policy.  So, good news in that it was covered, less good in that, in common with most buildings insurance policies it carried an excess of £1,000 (still somewhat cheaper than the original Shibboleth!)  The most likely cause was thought to be the council controlled tree on the pavement and in an attempt to prove this holes were dug and root samples taken for DNA analysis.
The insurers remained convinced that this tree was the cause with the council being less sure.  Eventually, however, and thanks mainly to our neighbour constantly badgering everyone involved, but still 13 months after the initial sighting of the cracks the trees (there was a second affecting the neighbour’s property) were removed.  In the meantime our cracks were being monitored on a monthly basis to check the movement and indeed, as predicted, once the trees had been removed the crack did begin to close up a bit.  The neighbour’s house was repaired and he moved out sometime last year whilst we awaited the start of repairs.  Our insurers wanted to confirm that movement had ceased before starting repairs which made sense but even so it was only this week that they finally began.

The the plan was that on Monday a removal firm would come and take some of our furniture to a storage depot.  On Tuesday a specialist asbestos removal firm would take down the sitting room ceiling (the artex had been found to contain asbestos, apparently quite common until 20 years ago).  Then on Wednesday the main contractors would begin the repair work.

Yeah, right.  Three different contractors all working for a fourth would be able to deliver on time.

Well, they did……and as I type poor little Shibby 2 is almost certainly an art of the past just like its inspirational mum at the Tate Modern.

Android for satellites

Monday, January 24th, 2011

So, apparently they’re going to control a satellite with a mobile phone, Android driven of course since they want to be able to modify it without getting Apple’s permission (or having to offer the Satellite control App through the iTune App Store, presumably).  I don’t know that it’s actually an HTC Wildfire like mine but they do suggest it’s a sub £300 model so it may well be.  Not sure the camera in mine is really good enough for space photos however, it wasn’t Strictly brilliant for the stars at the O2 on Saturday.

How many beans make five?

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Today was well past time to shell the dried up husks of the runner beans we’d put aside for growing next year’s crop.  We’ll only use the largest and it’ll save us….well a few quid anyway.  We often get more than one type of bean due to cross fertilisation but this year we’ve got four (maybe five) distinctive colourations.  Cool, eh?

Oh, and the correct answer is “A bean, a bean, a half-a-bean, a bean, a bean and a half” as I’m sure you knew.