How many beans make five?

Today was well past time to shell the dried up husks of the runner beans we’d put aside for growing next year’s crop.  We’ll only use the largest and it’ll save us….well a few quid anyway.  We often get more than one type of bean due to cross fertilisation but this year we’ve got four (maybe five) distinctive colourations.  Cool, eh?

Oh, and the correct answer is “A bean, a bean, a half-a-bean, a bean, a bean and a half” as I’m sure you knew.

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3 Responses to How many beans make five?

  1. Blue Witch says:

    I always find that our own beans, re-sown, are very disappointing (yield-wise) compared to new seed. With an allotment, I suppose it doesn’t matter so much, but when you have less space, every bean matters.

    I want to make some comment about a has-bean, but I can’t quite work out what… I’ll work on it… 🙂

  2. Ron says:

    Those beans look a) like chocolate b) not real. I clearly have *zero* experience/knowledge of beans…

  3. NiC says:

    Thanks both!

    Witchy: Not something we’ve observed at all but we do have the luxury of being able to move the bean trench every year. I can see no reason for decreasing yields as long as you’re not using an F1 hybrid type and you make sure you use the bigger beans for cultivation (like with garlic). We’ll see how we get on when they’re moved to a garden setting…..

    Ron: Yes, I agree (checks totem). ;D

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