Orange Tip Butterfly

Taking me back to the days of the London Daily Nature Photo…..always nice to sit with a butterfly….

Orange Tip Butterfly on Ranunculus bud
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Come the hour

New song now streamable and downloadable from all the usual places. Share, enjoy and be happy!

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Little White Room

Been a long time but here’s an oldie of mine recorded fresh for a new year….

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Hey Jude : Dung Bugs

So many interweb forums on all platforms so quickly decay to bile filled antagonism, so with that in mind I share a happier tale. Someone I only know by name in a music group I belong to said he’d just recorded the piano to the Beatles “Hey Jude” and did anyone else want to join in. Within a week or two six folks from around the world who have never met in the real world had thrown in their own bits to come up with this…..and most importantly we all had a great time doing so. It’s alwyas great to work out Beatles bass lines as Macca always has something great, even on “simple” songs like this.
Apologies for being the first vocalist.

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Still minding my head…..

Way back in the late 80’s I was in a badly named but actually quite good band. Sadly we never recorded anything….but I’ve been meaning to for a while and here are my four favourite songs of ours from those distant days.

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PHP 8 issues and some live music…

As you may have noticed some issues with the template on here! This is as a result of my service provider requiring an upgrade to PHP 8 (from 7.3) which seems to not like somethijg in my code. At some point I’ll go and work out what it might be. In the meantime stuck with this standard very basic template.
Here’s a link to a small part of my performance at Beckley’s village picnic thing at the weekend.

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