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Hey Jude : Dung Bugs

So many interweb forums on all platforms so quickly decay to bile filled antagonism, so with that in mind I share a happier tale. Someone I only know by name in a music group I belong to said he’d just … Continue reading

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Still minding my head…..

Way back in the late 80’s I was in a badly named but actually quite good band. Sadly we never recorded anything….but I’ve been meaning to for a while and here are my four favourite songs of ours from those … Continue reading

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PHP 8 issues and some live music…

As you may have noticed some issues with the template on here! This is as a result of my service provider requiring an upgrade to PHP 8 (from 7.3) which seems to not like somethijg in my code. At some … Continue reading

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Happiness is a warm tumble dryer…..

..Delta says it reminds her of Siam though when she says Siam I suspect she means Reigate where my mother would sometimes run the tumble dryer just so Delta could have some warmth on those cold Surrey days.

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I walk past this former apple tree several times a day but have only just realised it’s probably actually a petrified Clanger calling for the soup dragon to take it home. Wait in line dear Clanger, wait in line….

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Angry? What could anyone possibly have to be angry about, eh?Well, somehow I’ve found something.

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