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Big Garden Birdwatch 2015

This year I used technology to count at least some of the birds…… There were, as you can see, several. Mainly Blue Tits and Greenfinches but also a Redpoll for the first time….probably wouldn’t have noticed if not for the … Continue reading

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Finally we got around to watching a DVD that’s been sitting around since Xmas, at least…..and it was every bit as as clever and witty as everyone was telling me. Apart from the excellent writing particular mentions must go to … Continue reading

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Black Swan Down…

…sprouts from poor Nat’s shoulders during Aronofsky’s latest tale of suffering for one’s art. And that’s the least of her troubles! Our troubles began when I went to book tickets (at 11am) for the 6pm showing only to find all … Continue reading

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None of the below, actually

This holiday company, which we’ve happily used several times for villas in Corfu have now thoughtfully asked us which games console we’d like to have in their villas in future. ¬†Apparently there were PS2s there in the past but I … Continue reading

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