None of the below, actually

This holiday company, which we’ve happily used several times for villas in Corfu have now thoughtfully asked us which games console we’d like to have in their villas in future.  Apparently there were PS2s there in the past but I can’t I say I remember.  Am I the only one who doesn’t want a games machine in my holiday villa?

I’ve always liked getting away from the TV when on holiday and, whilst on our recent break to France, as usual, I also even enjoyed having (almost) no internet, and I’m a bit of a saddo on internet stuff.  Some of our party (and not just the younger ones) found this almost unbelievable (the lack of t’inter, not my enjoyment of its absence).   Aren’t holidays about getting away from it all?

Seriously, can booking a holiday villa in a quiet corner of Corfu really only me made attractive with a games machine?

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4 Responses to None of the below, actually

  1. Ron says:

    PS3, more of a ‘media hub’ than just a games machine, Blu-ray player etc 😀

    But I take your point, to which I would say, in Corfu there are corners and there are corners (is it for example, a corner in Benitses), and also perhaps the offer is intended for a different segment than yourself? 😀

  2. NiC says:

    Thanks Ron, I shall pass your wisdom off as my own 😉

  3. Blue Witch says:

    The thought of a games machine in a holiday place is crazy – addicted kids take their own DSs, surely?

    And as for t’inter… PAYG dongles will give you 1MB for £1.50 on your own laptop in Europe… enough for a few emails and blogs.

  4. NiC says:

    …not looked at Dongles for Europe recently, last time it was considerably more than that Witchy so I shall have to look again. Thanks!

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