Black Swan Down…

…sprouts from poor Nat’s shoulders during Aronofsky’s latest tale of suffering for one’s art. And that’s the least of her troubles!

Our troubles began when I went to book tickets (at 11am) for the 6pm showing only to find all the “Premier” seats (ie: those that aren’t too close or too far away from the screen for the optimum cinematic experience) were booked.  Actually half of them had just been vandalised and so were out of use, I can’t believe they still haven’t fixed them, must be costing them a small fortune.  Anyway, I opted for the furthest back of the standard seats, three rows from the front which is usually fine for anything but really high octane explosion filled fare.  The obligatory half hour of adverts and trailers were certainly totally viewable so maybe, I thought, the diva drama would be too.

Well, it started very grainily or, maybe, noisily though that perhaps gives one the wrong impression.  If I say noise here, I mean, digital noise on the picture not loud sound.  Mrs.P reckoned it was supposed to be like that for artistic purposes but if that was the case then I’d strongly advise against shelling out extra for the Blue-Ray as it will be just as grainy/noisy as the Betamax (Betamax release date not yet confirmed).  Alternatively, maybe it was just that we don’t usually sit this close to the screen.

The next problem revolves (and shakes) around cinematographer Matthew Libatiquer seeming not to know about Steadicams, tripods or even just standing still whilst filming FFS.  I’m sure this too is part of the artistic process but I just found it confusing and Mrs P said it made her feel sick and closed her eyes for much of the film as a result (and she really wanted to see it!).  Again maybe this was accentuated by being close to the screen.

The broken legs bit I actually liked, indeed I laughed out loud (it was supposed to be funny wasn’t it?).  This is great progress for me as for several years after breaking my leg I couldn’t watch anything involving broken limbs at all.

If this is starting to all sound a bit negative then maybe that’s just because it’s really easy to criticise anything so obviously stylised and personally I found it a bit obviously over the top. However, overall I did enjoy it and most of the performances were very good indeed.  Except poor Natalie Portman.  She didn’t convince me for a single minute as anything other than the silly, one dimensional white swan.  Her barking* black swan was just totally unbelievable (watch her get the Oscar).  Ah well, I’m afraid “Leon” remains her only good performance for me…..but that was very good indeed so we’ll let her off.

I do look forward to seeing Black Swan on DVD though, it’ll be interesting to see just how much of my antipathy was from sitting closer than we normally would.

Next? Not sure, we’ve already seen “The King’s Speech” which was very good indeed (which I wasn’t really expecting). “Brighton Rock” (based on the Sheer Heart Attack opener I assume) or “The Fighter” I think….

* = barking mad, not barking “woof, woof”.  Swans don’t go “woof, woof”

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  1. la peregrina says:

    Agree, she was great in Leon. I’m afraid I will not be seeing Black Swan until it come out on DVD as I cannot see it playing in our little town. This weekend we are showing True Grit. I’m looking forward to seeing it as the book is one of my favorites.

  2. NiC says:

    Ah yes, I think we’re a couple of weeks away from True Grit but I would like to see that too……and hello again LaP! ;D

  3. Peni Gardner says:

    I watched the two films and I have to say True Grit was a great film and deserve all of its awards and nomination. However, I like Black Swan among the two because of how the story ends.

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