New Believers

This is a special one to me because it includes 11 other people from across the world who I’ve never even met. Following a suggestion from a friend hat the chorus would work well as a singalong or “gang vocal” (WTFIT?) I had a think and then put the word out in some of the music recording forums I belong to. As a result eleven good folks contributed 34 tracks including some lovely harmonies. Indeed I liked them so much I used a snippet for the intro as well as the big singalong near the end. Share and enjoy good people.

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  1. Scoakat says:

    Interesting background, and yes, it does work very well with the background vocals. I love how music unites people like this, think you’ll be doing it again? This could be the start of some NiC Hamilton internet collaborations, maybe? Might be fun for you. And before it gets away from me, I really like what you did for the solo on this one, too.

    Another Amazon credit coming your way, if you don’t mind those too much. I did appreciate your response last post. Much how I would have thought, and so much better than streaming. Streaming needs to get better for working bands that have a good amount of listens. I keep hearing of some legislature about it here or there, but nothing ever comes of it.

  2. Nic Hamilton says:

    Thanks Scoakat. Yes, I hope there’ll be some other collaborative projects to come. There have been a couple where I’ve done little bits for other folks already but this is the first one where I asked others to participate in one of mine….so glad I did.

    If you have some Amazon credit to spare then I’ll be honoured to have it coming my way, it is indeed much better paid than streaming. I don’t know if things will change any time soon, those who have the power to change things don’t seem overly inclined. It’s not my living so not a major thing but I do know some independent artists who don’t bother releasing to the streaming platforms anymore, relying on BandCamp and Patreon type things.

  3. Blue Witch says:

    Where have all thse posts come from? Sorry I missed them before! I will endeavour to catch up and listen properly soon…

    But, a ‘gang vocal’ – what a great idea!

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