Considering the number of power cuts we’ve had recently it’s especially pleasing to have come across this glow-worm in the back garden last night. I don’t think I’ve seen a glow worm in the UK since I were a lad. Aye, that be two shillings…etc.Left is as seen, right with a bit of fill flash.

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  1. Scoakat says:

    We have fireflys, or lightning bugs, same thing. Most all summer at dusk and later, usually. When I was a kid my dad taught me to squish them along my arm for a glow in the dark streak. Looking back now- why would you do that to a kid! Ick.

    I don’t think we have any other glowing creatures, though. Is it , never mind, I have look them up now!

  2. Scoakat says:

    Ah, same family, I see. I’m sorry you don’t see them more. I’ll take them for granted less now.

  3. Nic Hamilton says:

    I’m not sure they were ever very common in the UK. The most I remember seeing is in caves in New Zealand where there tens of thousands….that was impressive.
    Back in my microbiology days there was an instrument we used that used the Luciferin-luciferase enzymes that cause the light effect….it was extracted from fireflies I believe, they must have had an awful lot of them!

  4. Blue Witch says:

    I’ve never seen them in this country either.

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