Power Lies

A short guitary one for the end of the month……good to see you can get it on Amazon. 😉

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  1. Scoakat says:

    I like guitary ones, thank you. I get digital credits from Amazon because I don’t need everything in 2 days. I’ve done worse with them than throw them your way!

  2. Nic Hamilton says:

    Cheers, Scoakat….I generally prefer the guitary ones but a lot of folks liked the last one which kind of made me want to avoid the piano for a bit. ;(

    I hope Amazon like what you’ve done with your credits!

  3. Scoakat says:

    I know you’re not in it for the money, but I imagine Bandcamp is the best deal for you. Do you know what you’ll get from Amazon, have they paid out yet? I don’t need numbers, just curious how the different platforms compare.

  4. Nic Hamilton says:

    Yes, BandCap pays best per sale by far. I can set the prices myself too which can be useful (and offer lower or free tracks to subscribers/followers). Most importantly BandCamp only take about 1-2% for their admin which is pretty fair.
    Amazon pays me 70c on a song that I think they sell for 99c. I thik you’re possibly the only person who’s ever bought one of my songs on Amazon, so thanks!
    iTunes pay me 77c or so for a song that they sell for 99p. I seem to get a few sales here in the UK, not a clue who to. No sales elsewhere though.

    Streaming is obviously the really sub-cent per stream though it does add up to enough to cover how much it costs me to get the tracks uploaded to services. This is $20 dollars a year which is pretty amazing, true it’s all automatic but it is great that it is so simple to distribute your music these days. Teenage and twenty something me would have been incredibly jealous as he stuck stickers onto cassette tapes to try and hawk around his friends.
    Thanks again for the support though, it really does mean a lot.

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