Just Like Judy

New song time…hopefully now working!

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  1. Scoakat says:

    Odd, I can’t get the thing to work, it just spins and none of the services along the bottom do anything when I click on them, youtube, bandcamp, etc. What type of widget is this? Maybe my location is the problem?

  2. Nic Hamilton says:

    Hmm, I don’t think it’s your location I think it’s a problem with compatibility between WordPress and the Odesli Songlink. It’s not working here either (seems to work fine inside Facebook and some other content management things but only sometimes on WordPress.

    I thought it was OK when I posted it but just spinning for me too now. I’ll look into this….it happened with a previous one and I gave up and just put the BandCamp link up. May do the same again!

  3. Nic Hamilton says:

    Should be working now…..weird but I think I’ve solved it.
    The link aggregating widget is called Songlink/Odesli and if you put one your streaming links in it finds the others and gives you the page with them all on which can then be embedded elsewhere. However, it seems that if you give it a Spotify link the code it builds doesn’t work on WordPress (but does work elsewhere…..).
    Thanks for bringing it up ScoaKat as I’ve now found a solution! Cheers!

  4. Scoakat says:

    Good deal! I like the default as Youtube as I’m a big Youtube guy, but I like having the other options as well.

    Now all can hear your fingers tickle the ivory as well as they can dance along the fretboard!

  5. Nic Hamilton says:

    Cheers Skoakat, YouTube has the great advantage of not having to sign up for anything so I too really like it.

  6. Blue Witch says:

    Yes, but who was Judy?
    *fears she may be missing some obvious cultural reference*

  7. Nic Hamilton says:

    Judy Garland, Witchy.
    I am reliably informed by someone even more of a film geek than I that she first suggested doing the show right here in “Babes in Arms”. Actually I think it may have been Micky Rooney’s idea that time!

  8. Blue Witch says:

    Ah right. As I said then 😉 And she’s an actress even I have heard of.

  9. Scoakat says:

    Ah! I see you added the lyrics, I like that. Thank you!

  10. Nic Hamilton says:

    You’re welcome scoakat….couldn’t find the file at first and really didn’t want to write them out again!

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