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Happiness is a warm tumble dryer…..

..Delta says it reminds her of Siam though when she says Siam I suspect she means Reigate where my mother would sometimes run the tumble dryer just so Delta could have some warmth on those cold Surrey days.

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I walk past this former apple tree several times a day but have only just realised it’s probably actually a petrified Clanger calling for the soup dragon to take it home. Wait in line dear Clanger, wait in line….

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Angry? What could anyone possibly have to be angry about, eh?Well, somehow I’ve found something.

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Another month, another song. This one a bit different as it is synth based. Guitars will be back for the next one.

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Little Xmas Eve?

The tradition of the meal the night before Xmas Eve comes from Mrs. Planarchy’s Danish side of the family. Anyway, it worked as a nice way to get more folk together than could make it on Xmas Day but it … Continue reading

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Sell out?

Apparently I’ve sold out or will do. Or not. One of my single covers has been chosen to be sold as an NFT.What this means is that you could buy the NFT of the artwork for my last single. Why … Continue reading

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