What Have You Done?

New song….linkity links below. Share, enjoy and stay safe good folks.

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3 Responses to What Have You Done?

  1. Blue Witch says:

    Love it! Second only to “Glenn Miller’s missing.”

    Now, if I could only get into this whole ‘music not on vinyl or CD’ thing…

  2. Scoakat says:

    Excellent start to the next album. I like having the lyrics available on Bandcamp, too.

  3. Nic Hamilton says:

    Thanks both!
    Glad you’re making use of the lyrics, Scoakat, I think it’s only on BandCamp and iTunes/Apple Music that there is an option to include them. Can’t guaratnee they’re 100% right but they are straight from my lyric sheet….sometimes I just don’t sing exactly what I’ve written. 😉 Thanks for the ongoing support, much appreciated.

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