Isn’t Bill Gates Great?

So, ever since my first Covid jab on Saturday I have been installing Windows for Workgroups on all of the electronic devices at Planarchy Acres…can’t think why?

So glad I kept the diskettes though!

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  1. Scoakat says:

    LOL, I saw the title of the post before visiting and was kind of hoping it wasn’t the name of a new song! 🙂

    I’m not familiar with the software, what is it used for? I guess I don’t see the connection with the shot, sorry. Also, I haven’t seen a disk like that in a very long time! I used the bigger floppy disks then was out of it for some time and by the time I got a computer again CDs were around.

  2. NiC says:

    You youngsters, Scoakat!

    Windows 3.11 was one of the best versions of Windows ever..back in ’92 first ever OS I installed myself on a home built computer. Of course before you could install it from its 8 diskettes you had to install DOS which itself came on five!

    Over here, the anti-vax brigade have a story that is taken way too seriously by some that Bill Gates has planted micro-chips in all the vaccines that will turn us into Borg like slaves to do what ever he wants. Previously sensible people believe this! No wonder our country is fucked.

  3. Blue Witch says:

    I got it! And I understood 3.1, unlike the current offerings.

    They’re ahead with vaccinations down your way aren’t they? But, if you were French, German or Belgian, you wouldn’t be getting AZ. It’s such a ridiculous situation, with so much hidden evidence.

    Meanwhile, (one of) Mr BW’s pension fund(s) is booming – must have lots of pharma shares in it!

  4. Scoakat says:

    Ah, the good ole days! LOL

    I was big into computers in the mid-eighties with my Apple IIe. After that I left left home and didn’t get a computer again until 1998 or 99, so there is a gap there.

    Yes, everyone is afraid of being microchipped. Or bugged, or followed, or framed. 20 years go we’d have called it ‘big brother,’ now we call it Alexa, etc.

    My wife has gotten both shots now as a health care worker since she takes care of her elderly dad. I’ll still be isolating for quite some time yet, I think.

  5. NiC says:

    I think we’re about on target here Witchy, I’m in Group 6 for health reasons apparently so had it earlier than I might have by age alone.
    I believe that inclusion in Group 6 is down to one’s GP and mine has included me where others might not have.
    My cousin who is a few years younger than me was actually asked why she was there…..when she started listing her ailments they told her one was enough!
    Meanwhile in central London my brother, who is both younger and healthier than me had his a few days earlier…..I suspect there aren’t many older people in his corner of London.
    I must admit I was concerned when they said where they were doing it locally as it’s a relatively small if shiningly new village hall a few miles away but it was very well organised indeed.

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