A Stitch in Time

Bloody hell…another song already! Seriously aiming for one a month from now on….that’s a pretty crap block for a little player, Spotify, isn’t it?  It’s also on Amazon Music, Apple Music/iTunes, Google music and many other platforms I’ve not even heard of.


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  1. Blue Witch says:

    Love it, love it, love it!

    But I can’t quite work out all the words on the very lo-tech I have availabe to me currently… (I like to know the words, which might make me 104, but I don’t care).

    Has your Manager pointed out that at 2 tracks down in all that time, your first album might never happen? Or don’t people make albums any more? Is it all just one-tracks? I’m old, see, I no longer know about these things.

    At least you are a two track pony, not just a one track pony. Or a two track wonder, not a one track wonder 😉

    Whatever, it’s great, and I can’t wait to hear more, more, more.

  2. Nic Hamilton says:

    Thanks Witchy….I’ll send you the lyrics as someone else already asked and I did it for them. I just think a song should be heard first without a lyric sheet.

    Also the lyric sheet may not be right but it is what I was supposed to be singing from.

    The next song (“Must be Crazy”) is already recorded and mixed…..should be released within a week or so, depending on how quickly it works its way through the system that is beyond my control. I’ve already started on the one for June release.

    Manager, schmanager! Probably not an album as that would indeed never get completed. I really should be able to manage a song a month though….it feels really good to be move a song from my “In Progress” Folder to the “Released” folder on the computer.

    I do have a plan for a four track EP though….maybe in time for FOTCR. 😉

  3. Blue Witch says:

    Have you got your black armband on following today’s announcement?

  4. Nic Hamilton says:

    Yes, heard yesterday….very sad.

  5. Scoakat says:

    Just bought the mp3 from Amazon.
    Nice to meet you, Nic!

  6. Nic Hamilton says:

    Thanks Scoakat….and sorry for not seeing your comment sooner, not sure what happened there.

  7. Blue Witch says:

    I’m glad Scoakat found you, I did think he would like the music you make!

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