The Truth is Out Here!

I will be kept silent no longer.  In the foreground you can see one of my favourite beaches (Camber Sands) in the distance you can see the nuclear power station at Dungeness.  In between that’s not kites, that’s mutant seagulls.  Oh yes it is!


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2 Responses to The Truth is Out Here!

  1. Blue Witch says:

    Were you down there pulling mussels from the shell? 😉

    On the subject of XFiles, I told MrBW that I would carry on watching the recorded re-runs on Spike (all 200-odd of them) on condition that I didn’t ever have to watch the shape shifter in the toilet one again. So, the day after I’d said that what was shown? Yes, you’ve guessed it, and I didn’t recognise it until it was too late. That’s another 20-odd years of fear every time I go to the loo in the night without putting the light on.

  2. Nic Hamilton says:

    Yes always.

    And, yes, it’s amazing how useless the memory can be in protecting one from things like that isn’t it?

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