Remember When?

Time for another musical interlude, this one an antidote to all those songs about how great things used to be.
Share, enjoy and stay safe folks.

5 Responses to “Remember When?”

  1. Scoakat says:

    I thought I commented yesterday, I know I did. Are you moderating now?

  2. Scoakat says:

    Guess not. Wonder what happened? Oh well, don’t remember exactly what I said but I’m sure it was charming and witty!

  3. Nic Hamilton says:

    Sorry Scoakat, can’t see anything…and no haven’t changed any settings. I shall give a chuckle to your wit tough as you say, I’m sure it was a charming comment. 🙂

  4. Blue Witch says:

    I absolutely love that one!

    When does the CD (double or even triple CD by now) go on sale? And can I buy a signed copy please?

  5. Nic Hamilton says:

    Heh, glad you liked it Witchy. The second album should be completed by March next year. I’ll send you both then. If I can remember how to sign I’ll do that too…..seem to recall it involves a pen.

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