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So, I’ve been playing around with the mobile templates, trying to get them to be at least vaguely readable…..some of the least intuitive (and well hidden) code I’ve ever come across (this is not a good thing!).

Why does anything so small require fifteen different style sheets, FFS?  Answer… doesn’t!  I’ve deleted most of them already and there will be more rationalisation as I work out how it all works.  Most of the functions seem to be draped across several files too.  It almost looks as messy as something I’d write!  I’m guessing that the variations are due to appearances on different handsets (just when we hoped web browsers were all starting to look the same!)

So do let me know how it looks (though I’ve not finished tinkering), it seems OK on the Wildfire and iPhone but I don’t know about anything else.  I’d be be particularly interested in how it looks on Nokia handsets since there were more style sheets to accommodate this than anything else (though my HTC thought it was a Nokia!).

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