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Friday, May 27th, 2011

I like to have a series of something on the Humax for those nights when I wake at three and know I won’t get back to sleep again. Lately it’s been Colditz, a favourite* from my youth. I thought I remembered the series quite well but it wasn’t until last night when I was watching the one where one of the officers fakes madness to escape that we got to one that I remembered almost perfectly. Nevertheless, once again I’m struck by the fact that my first watching of it is longer ago in time than the true events were when I first watched the TV version (yet at the time I’m sure I considered all of WW2 distant history).

* So inspired were my friends and I by Colditz and earlier “The Great Escape” that we had a succession of tunnels dug under the fence at the bottom of our garden through to the railway cutting beyond. When my parents sold the house there was nowhere near enough soil to refill them so many remained partially boarded up hollows. I’d love to know if successive owners of the house have ever come across the tunnels and tried to work out what they were (burrowing space aliens?).

More Progress!!!

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Somehow, our youngest turned 18 today….how on earth we got to that I don’t know.

For the cake she’d set her heart on one that had her picture on it, the result of too many TV programmes featuring spoilt American princesses I think and something I was deeply sceptical of. But, after looking around the internet a bit and a few short chats with the folks at Caketoppers I was prepared to give it a go and not-so-young-any-more Kay selected a few choice photos for the top of the cake. The cake even arrived in one piece thanks to some pretty simple but very efficient packaging. The photo quality was, I have to say really good…..obviously they’re a bit fainter than “real” photos but the level of detail is really pretty outstanding. Apparently, they actually pass a thin layer of icing through their printer which runs on edible inks! What would Caxton have said, eh?