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Old Cars

..and how else could we follow a Bruce story than with one about cars.  As readers of Ham's London Daily Photo will know, yesterday was the day of the annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Rally for cars built before 1905.  Ham asked if I'd like to accompany him down to Hyde Park Corner yesterday morning to see the start and, since I was going to get up at just after 5am anyway (well, who doesn't on a Sunday), I said yes I would.  So off we cycled, and I'm very glad we did. 

There was a lovely atmosphere to the event and it was wonderful to see these ancient vehicles setting off on their journey to the coast.  There were, apparently, three electric vehicles amongst the throng (nothing new is there?) but I didn't manage to catch any of those.  I did spot at least two steam powered ones, one driven by Royalty (Prince Michael with daughter Gabriella), one driven by dogs, some Hungarians, French, American (I think, it's not obvious is it?) and even GB drivers.  Some were making an effort for authentic period costume whilst some seem to have come straight from the piste, but hats off to all.  There were three-wheelers and at least one interloper and at least one for Chris Paltrow

Alternatively for those with RSI or who just can't be bothered with all that clicking, there's a slideshow.  Share and enjoy!

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Faking it?

Amongst the presents I received from Mrs.Planarchy for my birthday t'other week was a ticket to see Bruce at his forthcoming show in London (the first time I've seen him live since 1985!).  I'm not an expert on concert tickets but there seems to be something possibly dodgy about this one.....and anyway, is Bruce actually playing at the Jellyfish?

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