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We were in Leicester Square last night.  Fear not, we weren't there to try and spot any of the Harry Tosspot crowd, though they were all out in force. 

No, we were there to see "Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten".  An excellent film in my opinion, as a major Clash fan.  Mrs.Planarchy who only knows the Clash from having to listen to them also thoroughly enjoyed it. 

It's not a normal documentary by any means but somehow Julian Temple's bizarre mix of Joe's own dialogue with friends reminiscences around camp fires, shots from 1984, Animal Farm, If, Clash documentary footage and other sources just about stays the right side of completely weird and somehow makes for a very compelling telling of the tale.  Does it need to be seen in the cinema?  Possibly not, though the extra volume is all part of it...I'd have had to turn it down at home.

Also excellent was the meal we had before at Woodlands, an indian veggie restaurant, we had beforehand and the smoke free pub too.

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