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Turf Wars (3) finally to the third in our series (with thanks due once again to Ham)..

Welcome to the first released photo of my latest installation....."A Lawn of Two Halves".  It is a major new work fully questioning the nature of turf in an East London garden It's not laid on the walls of a gallery or on an internationally famous paved square but simply in a garden.  Admit it, you're speechless, aren't you?

Alternatively, you might choose to believe that, a couple of months ago, Ham had some spare turf that he let us have to patch up the very ragged lawn at Planarchy Towers.  Can you tell which is the new turf?

20070531   17:32

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Turf Wars? (2)


..and the second part of Turf Wars Trilogy comes from the National Theatre (with thanks to Ham for telling us about it).  They've put turf on two of the walls, as you do (it's called FlyTower).  And standing atop is one of Antony Gormley's life size casts of himself.  There are 31 or them on roof tops and at street level around the area.  I may get round to showing you some more photos of those some other time but if you can, I do recommend going to see them yourself, they're only there until August.

Here's another more photo of the grass, with a taxi.  And the bloke who gets to water it.  And with an earlier effort?

Tomorrow (or the day after)...possibly the pièce de résistance of the Trilogy. 

But possibly just some more turf.

20070525   18:07

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Turf Wars? (1)

So, Trafalgar Square has gone all green....just for a couple of days.  The skies were a bit grey when I visited this morning and had to fight my way through the local TV news crews. 

It looked great, shame it's just for two days.  Here's the view from the National Gallery.

20070524   17:40

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Meaty Mars Bars!!!

I was most surprised to learn earlier this week that Masterfoods have decided to turn Mars Bars, Milky Way et all into meaty products no longer suitable for vegetarians.  Not a great eater of any of these products anyway but it does seem a very strange move to be making in these days of more awareness about what is in our foods.

20070517   8:57

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