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Crime : No hope!

As a result of circumstances that I'm not going to go in to here, I found myself spending quite a lot of time in one of our local Police stations over the weekend. The Police folk I encountered there and closer to home earlier on were all wonderful and most helpful and clearly doing the best under very difficult circumstances. But, decay of society aside, they really don't stand a chance.

I don't know which department's office I was sitting in but I'm pretty sure it wasn't the Crime Prevention Unit. Yet all the staplers and hole punches etcetera had "C.P.U." tippexed onto them.

If stationery equipment isn't safe inside a Police Station what hope is there for the rest of us?

20070417   20:35

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So, the first tips of our Asparagus have poked their noses above the ground...little do they realise that we'll soon be chopping them off and eating them.  Although only for half a season this year as it's their first full year of growth on our allotment.  None of the nasty beetles yet...(though secretly I'm hoping we'll get a few so that I can try out the new ultra close-up lens on them).

By the way, it's not called Sparrow-Grass by some because that sounds a bit like Asparagus but because that is what Sparrows call it.  They told me that in the (possibly) mythical land of Sparrowhalla all the hills and meadows are carpeted with rich swathes of Asparagus you see.  So now you know.

20070403   11:22

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