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Well bloody fly out again!

We're getting quite used to large numbers of yinormous merths coming to watch TV with us, what with all the windows being open night and day.... but today I noticed this cricket up on the ceiling of my office on the first floor.  Crazy insect!  Here she is back in the garden munching on the remains of our lawn.

20060728   16:52

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First Red Admiral in the garden this afternoon and very friendly to boot.  Initially he insisted on settling on my shorts which made getting the best angle for the photo somewhat tricky.  After a minute or so, however, he decided that maybe a Dahlia was tastier.  He seemed most reluctant to show his characteristic upper wing surface for more than a second but was more than happy to give me a good view of his wonderfully curved proboscis (here in close-up, which also gives a new meaning to the expression "cross-eyed"). 

My flutterbye book says their favourite food is fermenting fruit and they will fight off other Flutterbyes and even wasps for a good windfall apple..... so, coming soon... Flutterbye Wars... only at Planarchy!

20060718   18:53

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I've never remembered my Blogday before. 

I wouldn't have remembered this one either had Witchy not mentioned yesterday that I'd been blogging for about four years.... I checked this morning to find that it is indeed exactly four years since my ramblings first graced t'interweb.  Perhaps a Blogday should be a time to review where the Blog is going, but for me that would be pointless.  I have absolutely no idea where it is going.  I'm not even that sure where it's come from.  I only know it's far too hot to think hard at the moment!

All I do know is that along the way I've met some wonderful people.  Some I've even met in the so-called real world too.  Indeed only yesterday Mrs.Planarchy, Witchy and I were delighted to meet Gub-Gub and his Mrs.  Not so long ago it would have seemed he was a very brave man that invited strangers he knew only from t'web to his house to dine on his finest cheese, mango and bananas (and other delectables) amongst other of his acquaintances.  Blog meets were on neutral territory for first meetings at least... but maybe now t'inter is just another part of normal society for some of us.  I don't know, I'd never thought about it before.....

Anyway, Sainsbury's have not, so far, sent me any Chocs in celebration but Witchy did bring honey, eggs and a magic lemon tree....what more could one ask for?

20060716   18:30

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..or maybe it was toenail cuttings. 

The decision is yours.

20060713   10:42

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Greenfly Red-eye

This one is left over from a couple of weeks back (Insect Week) and also as an exercise to see what the resolving limits of my macro lens with extensions tubes was.  It is, as you can see, a Greenfly.  The redeye is nothing to do with my flash technique either...she just had red eyes.

Let's just hope she doesn't need a passport, eh?

20060711   16:56

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It's my birthday....

...well according to Sainsbury's anyway.  They sent me a birthday card and a voucher for a free box of Elizabeth Shaw Chocs (don't they read this blog?  Green & Blacks are my favourite...though I suppose I should just be glad it wasn't Cadbury's)  The chocs aren't bad if you like toothpaste flavoured chocolate. 
But why do they think it's my birthday when that isn't actually until October?  Do they think that, like the Queen, I have two or is it perchance something to do with the problem I have with getting my facts right on application cards for market research questionaires disguised as Rewards Scheme Application forms (they also think I have seven cats)?

Oh well, whatever, chocolate gone now.

20060707   17:08

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'tis that time of year again.  The froglets are emerging from the ponds... whole plagues of them when I was up the road at my favourite local wildlife pond.  Clickety-click the thumbnail to get an idea of just how small they are (and to be able to copy my fingerprints for your ID card fraud!).

20060706   10:53

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Hot, Hot, Hot

I'm not normally a lover of Strawberries at all, but Sunday morning found me up t'allotment picking a punnet or seven for a cheese cake to be made in honour of Zee's little sister's eighteenth.  As I squatted in the hot, hot, heat I thought I'd try one.  They were really rather nice.... and very warm.  This is the way to eat strawberries... fresh from t'allotment, warmed by the sun.  Delicious.

Excellent timing then that on Monday the Grauni was telling us why strawberries don't taste of anything anymore.  I'm sure you can guess the reasons.... same as most fresh food where appearance and ability to travel well comes way above taste.

Their advice to get a better flavour is to try farmer's markets or "pick your own" places (where you actually pick their's)..... but no mention of growing your own which must surely be the best of all?

20060705   13:08

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Well, what I was going to say was:

"So, Engerland exit stage left on penalties (again) following a pretty dismal World Cup (again) whilst Rose departs Doctor Who... both (sadly) totally expected but I know which one I'll be most upset about long term."

But then Rose didn't die today as it's a two parter....and better still.... the Daleks are back. 

So all is right in the world after all!

20060701   21:15

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