Planarchy Archive - February 2006


Fox on the run

..or not, as was the case with this one.  We've often seen Foxy Loxy up t'allotment but usually he scurries away when one of us points him out to the others.  Today he was in no such mood and first calmly waited whilst I removed my gardening gloves and took out my camera and then walked between us to go investigate the digging I'd been doing.  Not bad condition for an urban fox either... they're often pretty mangy.

20060226   15:46

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Deep Purple

..and then the sun came out.  What a glorious day, just as the crocuses were opening to catch the first few flights of the bumblebees.  My only criticism of this shot is that the light is so strong and the sky is such a deep and pure blue it looks like a studio shot.  It isn't.... just some gorgeous sunshine.... wonderful after the last week of gloomy weather which has seen me take not a single photo.

20060225   15:39

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I appear to have been rather busy of late. 

There's been a lot going on.

All pretty good I think. 

One way or another, this appears to be leaving me Blogstipated....even more than usual.  To make it even worse, the horrible greyness of our weather is removing my usual Blog standby... piccies.  I'm sure things will be back to normal soon. 

In the meantime, thank you for visiting :)

20060223   17:51

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From my Window

I've tidied up my "office" desk areas today.  This means I can mount my tripod in the window and point it at the recently pruned wiggly willow in the garden.  Most of the birds are still a little wary of the tree following its surgery so that so far only this Blackbird has landed upon it.  He's the younger of the two male blackbirds that visit our garden, the son of the older I assume.  They spend most of the time trying to exert authority over one another by chirping loudly and fluttering their wings. 

20060217   17:46

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We've never had snowdrops in the garden before.  Having heard that they're less likely to survive dry bulb plantings than other plants I've never bothered.  But last year with my parent's garden carpeted in a profusion of the little gems I asked if we could lift some after they'd finished flowering and replant straight away, "in the green" as 'tis called.  My mother didn't wait for them to finish flowering, in fact she barely even waited for me to finish my sentence... straight away a dozen or so plants were lifted and placed in the back of our car.  So this year we have a thin sprinkling of them.  Lovely... and next year there will be even more.

20060214   15:25

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Chocolate Day

Happy Chocolate Day everyone. 

I hope you all received lots of choc from your loved ones or indeed from admiring strangers.  For those who don't like chocolate can I suggest firstly, that you seek medical advice and that secondly you send me all your chocolate as sometimes the NHS is a bit slow on getting chocolate aversion cured.

Share and enjoy!

20060214   10:58

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Alison Again

The first time I visited Marc Quinn's Alison Lapper sculpture in Trafalgar sqaure was back in September, the day after it was installed.  It was a beautiful sunny day, the marble was a gleaming white and the pigeons seemed a little unsure of it.  Five months later the pigeons (still ignoring Ken's ban) have turned it into another one of the favourite perches and indeed pooping posts whilst the marble has lost much of its shine.  The day was somewhat greyer than my last visit but a shaft of winter sunshine through the deep grey clouds somehow gave me as much of a photographic pleasure as last time.  I think I like the way that in just five months the guano and general weather have begun to affect the statue.  I will, I'm sure, keep you updated over its remaining sojourn in the square.

20060211   12:32

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Company iPod

Halfway through completing a survey for Which I came to the following question about my MP3 player. 

"Is the MP3 player

1.  Solely for Private Use
2.  Used as part of a business
3.  Don't know"

Are there really businesses out there that provide an MP3 player?  Does the Chancellor know and, if so, is there a tax associated with it?  A cash alternative?

20060207   19:21

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Chocolat (2)

The only real problem with watching Chocolat last night is that we haven't got any and I can still taste the absnece this morning.  Never mind Juliette Binoche, Carrie-Ann Moss and Johnny Depp.... haven't got any choc!

20060205   14:06

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From l'il bonsai do mighty oaks grow...

A year ago today I stopped being a microbiologist.  My former work colleagues presented me with a little Bonsai tree.  A nice thought, even if I've never really cared for Bonsai... but maybe in a way it summed up my own position in a job in which I was feeling more and more trapped and limited.  Well the allegory continues....

Look at that tree just a year on... an yinormous oak (pretty amazing when it started off as a Chinese Elm but that's freedom for you).

And me?  Oh yes, me too.  I'm as happy as a Chinese Elm Bonsai what has been liberated.

20060204   13:43

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