Planarchy Archive - October 2004


Somebody Got Murdered...

..His name cannot be found
Small stain on the pavement,
Scrub it from the ground,
Where they were last night,
o-one can remember.....

Although probably when the Clash wrote those lines they weren't thinking of a Murder Mystery dinner party. Then again, who knows.

Thanks for an absolutely hilarious evening Witchy, we haven't laughed so much for far too long.  And as for the food.......... every single item was delicious, I only wish I had fasted for a few days so that I could have eaten more.  Thanks also to the fellow bloggers, their partners and friends who made the evening so enjoyable.

And well done to Harriet and me for guessing the murderer against all the odds of anyone making any sense out of the wonderful chaos.

20041031   10:15

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Tuppence a bag?

It's Feed the Birds day today apparently.... because although 6 out of 10 claim to have bird feeders in the UK, three million of them are empty at any point in time.  Well not the one a planarchy Towers.  We feed the birds all year round which is why we get so many visiting to have their picture taken.  Here's a Blue Tit with a sunflower seed in celebration of tit now being the second most common search term used to find me here at Planarchy (behind Joe Strummer but just ahead of Carbuncle).

So get out and fill up that feeder!

20041030   8:09

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Still Life...

Well, how prophetic and fortuitous!  No sooner have I suggested that there more be further fungi snaps than this week's Photo Friday subject is set as "Still Life".  I duly wandered up into Epping Forest again for another attempt.

Stare and enjoy!

20041029   17:37

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What a fun guy!

So, not many flutterbyes or even flowers around now.... never mind... for 'tis the season of fungi.

There may be more to come.....

20041028   21:07

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How sad

So, yes as some have summised, yesterday was my birthday.  The wonderful Zee bought me a shiny iPod..  And not one of those silly mini ones.... the real 40G guvnor..  I get home today.... planning to cotinue filling it up with more of my music collection... but as I walk in the door I hear John Peel has died. 

Takes the shine off it.

RIP, John

20041026   20:38

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Not really my type of flower, but this one (on someone else's allotment) caught my eye... nice to still have a bit of fiery colour on an autumn day.

20041024   18:22

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A new pair of glasses for me today.  Varifocals for the first time... which is a bit weird.  I find myself nodding my head up and down to find the focus points.  This should be not be confused with me agreeing with anything... planarchists don't do that.  Neither should it be mistaken for me looking someone up and down to give them the once over.. planarchists don't do that either.

Things slowly coming into focus is very familiar anyway as I spend so much of my time staring through a camera lens.

20041023   19:57

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Some very good friends of ours have taken youngish Kay and Teen Dee to Eurodisney and Paris for the weekend (they gain a playmate for their two year old and we have a strange child-free weekend at home).  So what are we doing with this free time to ourselves?  Well tonight I stayed late at work and Zee has gone out for a re-union with her former workmates.  Now I'm watching telly...I'll keep you posted.

20041022   20:21

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...and then look up...

But you have to clickety click to get this one, I think it loses rather a lot being a thumbnail. 

20041019   20:02

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Er her her Liverpool...

..Street.  Liverpool Street Station.  And nearly the effect I was after.

No digital didgeri-pokery just a longish-slight-over-exposure. 

20041018   20:47

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Canadian Goose

I've always been fascinated by Canada Geese, mainly because they're not called Canadian Geese and indeed in Canada are called Burmese Swans (I may have just made this latter fact up).  Anyway, this isn't really the picture of a Burmese Swan that I want to show you.  Every night just before sun-down we get V after V of them flying over the house from feeding missions back to their bases in the nature reserves of the Walthamstow reservoirs.  So low are they that you can hear the beat of their wings.  Lovely.

But I haven't managed to get a decent shot of that yet.  So instead here's one doing an impression of an umbrella handle up the road at what I call St. Peters Pond.

20041016   21:06

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Cross Spider (again)

Well, I showed her mouth in close up and told you why she's called the cross spider.  Here's the cross on her back.  The slight haze to the picture is due to the picture being taken through our dining window.... so I can take bug shots without going out into the gloom.  Excellent!

20041016   13:19

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Belatedly, my skyline picture for Stu's meme.  Taken over a week ago but due to forgetfulness not posted before now.

Better late than never.....

20041014   20:11

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Mood Swings

Some days even the smallest probe lm can seem like a mountain.  I can feel weighed down by even the most fluffy irrelevance. 

There have been far too many of such days recently.  But today I felt like I was surfing the waves of chaos all around me.... and loving every minute.

The difference? 

Who knows, presumably my body has chosen  a different balance for my chemical messengers today.  I just wish it would choose this lot more often.

20041013   18:07

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Last night I was having a slight problem with the Scottish Computer Company, specifically their highly prasied i-tunes site.  I found my way through to support where I was promised a response within 48 hours.  Fine, I thought.This morning, however, I have received an email stating that the service is being upgraded and my respsonse will now be within 72 hours. 

You couldn't make it up could you? 

20041009   8:26

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2 x 4

A strange but pleasantly different challenge for Photo Friday this week:

1) Keep yourself safe.
2) Start outside your location (could be your home, school, workplace - it's up to you.)
3) Travel two units straight in one direction
4) Turn to your right and travel 4 units
5) Whereve you are, so long as you are safe, your mission is to creatively interpret your surroundings. Bring back and post photographic evidence to your website that you were actually there. Make the absolute best of whatever you find, no matter the subject or how mundane it might seem.

So, that's my offering......

20041008   17:10

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Oh my Gourd!

So, Planarchy brings you the first in what I'm sure will be a very long-running series..... vegetables that look like UFOs.  This is a squash that someone up the allotment gave us...... or is it some intergalactic trojan horse type thingamajig to enable the invasion of earth?

I'll keep you posted.

20041003   11:06

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Morning Glory

I've featured self sown seeds here before.... and here's another, a Morning Glory that has found its way into some bamboo.  Very nice... and not a planting plan I'd have though of myself.

20041002   18:17

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Fridge View

So what do you think Zee was trying to say with this missive on the fridge door?  A fashion critique?  A suggestion that I need to find some other way of carrying my keys in the after-life?  Or maybe a dig to worry slightly less about everything...particularly what might happen in twenty years time?

Point taken, I hope.

And yes, we do appear to have run out of esses.

20041001   15:48

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