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Blogging View

I tried for a skyline view (an excellent meme which started here at Stu Savory's Blog) but haven't yet managed one I'm happy with.  So instead here is my blogging view, the view from the dining room, of our leetle East End London Garden.  Still looking pleasingly jungle like as autumn approaches.

20040929   18:56

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Leetle Horse?

So, an even closer up picture of one our garden spiders, Araneus diadematus I believe, also known as the "Cross Spider".  Not because of its temper but as a result of the white cross upon its back (presumably the Baby Jee rode on one at some point).  The garden is full of these little ( the body is about 1cm at most) beauties this time of year snacking on the last few flying insects of the year.

Fascinating to watch them.

20040927   17:57

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A Good Year?

I'm not a big fan of Roses, except maybe the Cadbury's ones when there's no better chocolate about..... but this one by any name is pretty sweet.

20040926   20:10

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Furry Eye

..and I make no apologies for republishing this flutterbye eye.  This time in response to the Photo Friday theme of Furry.  I initially read it as Fury and spent ten minutes grimacing at the camera in mock anger.  Then I put my glasses on and straight away this shot came to mind.  Clickety click to enlargenify.

Heh, heh... I spell checked this entry and the spell checker didn't even pause over either flutterbye of enlargenify... don't you just love custom dictionaries?

20040925   18:32

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Eat more sweets!

So what to say about this?  A diet in which you eat sweets to lose had to come.  Don't tell the kids!

20040923   18:21

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Speckled White Butterfly

Is this the last Flutterbye of summer?  I have to say I'd already seen the last one a week or so ago so it was a pleasant surprise to find this Speckled Wood perching below our bathroom window.   Garden table standing was required to get the shot before it fluttered up the bean tree.

20040919   11:52

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Fifteen years ago tonight, after sharing her Chinese takeaway (and I don't really care for Chinese Takeaways), Zee and I shared our first kiss.  Teen Dee was unimpressed by this revelation, pointing out that it is not an anniversary that most people celebrate.  As ever my argument is that a) In case she hadn't noticed, I'm not most people and b) Well maybe they should.  After all, this was the split second that our relationship changed from being just good friends to starting something else as well.

We probably get hundreds of life changing opportunities every day but usually we can't see them.  The only other ones I can easily recall are those with an unpleasant outcome.  I still replay the myriad of events that lead to me breaking my leg on Beckton Alp and the chain that led to my most serious road accident.  You will though, I'm sure, be glad to know that I don't recall the date of either.

20040916   18:03

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Hair Brained

...that's what I thought it was until today when, reading with young Kay, I discovered that no, it is actually Hare brained.

You live and learn.

20040915   4:23

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Big Brother Isn't Watching after all

And we're in Orwellian territory here, not shite "reality" game show spin-off nonsense.... and how come such a wonderfully dark book spawned two light entertainment TV shows anyway?

But I digress..... a week ago a man was murdered not so very far from our street.  Wood Street station, where the attack occurred, is one of the new generation of rarely manned stations and thus has a plethora of video cameras for security reasons.  At the time of the murder these cameras were not working

Who's watching you?  No-one, after all.

20040913   18:24

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Make 'em laugh....

It's good to make people laugh.  Even though my piece on the Planarchy Stone was actually deadly serious.  I am especially proud to have shared this week's MBWLA with DG and his very useful piece on the best way to travel by tube from Bow Road to Green Park. 

20040905   20:16

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Poor Punctuation

It doesn't really look like a comma, does it?  But this is the marking that gives this Flutterbye its name.  Not a very good shot as it was a somewhat damaged insect (right hindwing as you can see here) and unable to fly any higher than this flagstone.  But you can see the underside of it's wings give it excellent camouflage for surviving the winter in amongst the brown leaves.....

20040902   17:46

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