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Boy Talk

Young Kay, now scarily in her final year of Primary School, came home with tales of missed lessons courtesy of a local Boys Secondary school who had been over to "Beg us to go there.... As if!". 

Though it may be true that the school doesn't have the highest reputation I was shocked to realise that she was aware of this fact and that she was so concerned that her school were not making the best use of time.

"A waste of my time, Dad, there's no way I'm going there!" she continued...

"Well, errr, ummm.." I countered.

"No, Dad, it's a BOYS school.... for boys!"

Hmmm, she has a point.

20030930   18:31

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Blog Me....

Well, the YACCS system comments system sppears to have failed.... so please feel free to add your "Familairs" Blog me entry in the Enetation comments box below instead.... and in the meantime here's a reminder of where you can find the other excellent participants of "Blog Me" week

Blue Witch
Ron's World
Santiago Dreaming
Sime World
The Purple Pen

20030926   7:19

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You know the drill by now I'm sure....go on... Blog Me (See below)... you write the post in my comments box. 

20030925   20:35

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You know the drill by now I'm sure....go on... Blog Me (See below)... you write the post in my comments box. 

20030924   19:34

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Fridge Magnet

Sorry it's so late today... pressed the wrong button this morning and assumed I'd posted when I hadn't! But now you're here... Go on... Blog Me (See below)... you write the post in my comments box. 

20030923   17:06

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*ist D Update

A bit of a BLog Me™® break to vent my spleen, if I may....... I think I've mentioned my craving for the Pentax *ist D Digital SLR (should it ever be released for sale in the UK!).  Well, there's 25 new sample images over at dpreview.  All well and good, but of some concern is the throwaway comment "So far the *ist D is looking quite good". 

Quite Good!!!! 

For £1400 it better be a bleeding sight better than "quite good" if I'm not going to trade in all my Pentax gear and grab a Canon EOS 10D instead!


And another Blog Me picture tomorrow... 1,000,009 thanks to all who've participated so far.  Excellent all.

20030922   21:08

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Winter Warmer ou Alpine Installation?

Go on... Blog Me (See below)... you write the post in my comments box. 

20030922   7:16

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Blog Me!

Planarchy is proud to be part of the Blog Me experience that started over at Blue Witch's.  It means you get to write my (and other participating) Blog Posts this week....I'll be posting a title and maybe a picture, once a day (or so) and then you can write the Post using my comments section.... all contributions welcome. 

Other sites where you can "Blog Me" this week:

Blue Witch
Ron's World
Santiago Dreaming
Sime World
The Purple Pen

20030922   7:13

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Today I have been mostly re-painting the greenhouse.  But there were also distractions for my are three.

20030921   19:15

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Sacré Noir

Majorly impressed by the presence of this washing liquid in the branch of Champion near my bro's house en France. Never mind one for coloured clothes and one for whites, the French have one for Black clothes too.  As one who has worn more than his fair share of the funereal colour I have to say I was tempted to buy a bottle. 

Sitting here in faded black jeans and tee-shirt I regret not doing so.

What do you mean photographically obsessed?

20030918   18:19

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Coma Girl

I don't if it's because he's dead or because someone has spent an awful lot of extra time on it but the "new" Joe Strummer song, "Coma Girl", seems, to me at least, to be more concentrated Strummer than I have heard for many, many years. It's streaming here and available for the UK public on the 6th October.

I love it, excellent.

20030918   7:27

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Cool for Cat

There aren't too many benefits in leaving for work at 6:30 am. But I guess this is one of them. An absolutely glorious sunrise here this morning.

20030915   19:49

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Wrong Side of the Track?

Now, I'm sure no-one still expects the streets of London to be paved with gold.

I certainly don't.

But when our local authority decides to re-pave I do expect a little consistency.  But look what they've done out on our bit of Lea Bridge Road... on the Walthamsow side they've been given nice bricky blocks (which took them weeks to lay) but on our Leyton side we've been given tarmac.  Which took a whole day and a half.

Pah!  And bah!

20030914   20:51

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Parlor Games

You remember my Hoverfly pictures? I think this may be the last in the series.... for this year anyway.....


20030909   19:04

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Adverts & Reality

Well, maybe an old cynic such as I should know better..... but I was suckered by the tightrope extravaganza that the flyer appeared to suggest. In reality there was no Gold Lamé suit of course, and the rope did not stretch majestically to infinity but merely across Hoe Street. 

Which isn't very wide.

On the plus side, however, he did play both harmonica and a little Irish Jig on a violin whilst halfway across.

Oh, and Kay and her friends' African Tribal Drumming was really rather impressive.

So, on balance we give the Walthamstow Festival a hearty thumbs up...... so be there next year!


20030907   21:29

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Things to do (part 2)

Well today, as if you didn't know, is the day put aside for a celebration of all things London E17... yes, it's the Walthamstow Festival. Our interest is mainly centred on young Kay's role as part of the kids tribal Drumming group but I'm sure there'll be lots of other fun stuff as well.

No really!  And if my broadband connection returns there may even be pictures later on....

20030907   11:45

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Things to do...

Tonight at the South London Theatre you can enjoy "A Country Wife".  It's a Restoration Comedy and one of Zee's brothers is in it. 

So we'll be crossing into Saff London very shortly.

20030906   17:53

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We've discussed their infertility and gazed upon their beauty before but today, as I delved deep into one of the last flowering Osteospurmums, I was entranced to see yet smaller flowers at the heart. 


20030906   17:33

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Lake Swimming

Well, back to swimming at t'Pool'n'Track in Walthamstow with young Kay tonight. Which can't help but remind me that last Thursday we were swimming in the somewhat much more stunning setting of the Lake up beyond Montriond.  The swimming bit is just out of my picture but I think you get the drift....

We liked lake swimming!

It also occurs to me that this picture looks better as a little 200 pixel thumbnail than the larger version.  Strange, must be something to do with the pleasing shapes and lack of detail. 

20030904   18:39

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Well, apparently the YACCS problem is now being solved by sending a new server from Deep Space 9 or somewhere. So back to Enetation which, apart from the need to wear out the F5 key, appears to be working far more reliably......

20030904   7:28

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YACCS was back!

Ten minutes ago YACCS was back again long enough for me to read all the nice comments you left while we were en France. So thanks, and yes, I was indeed the one top left, aye, the eighties were a disaster and err what else did you my memory has gone . Along with the bleeding YACCS, Haloscan and Enetation comments services. I quit! 

20030903   20:19

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At the Hop

Much time lying in the grass en France with my grasshopping friends.  As long as you move slowly and don't cast a shadow you can get really close...

20030902   19:42

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Yackety YACCS

Well, if switching to an alternative comments service isn't enough to get YACCS working again, I don't know what is!

As is said over at BW's, blogging without a comments system is really quite depressing.....

20030901   19:19

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