PHP 8 issues and some live music…

As you may have noticed some issues with the template on here! This is as a result of my service provider requiring an upgrade to PHP 8 (from 7.3) which seems to not like somethijg in my code. At some point I’ll go and work out what it might be. In the meantime stuck with this standard very basic template.
Here’s a link to a small part of my performance at Beckley’s village picnic thing at the weekend.


2 responses to “PHP 8 issues and some live music…”

  1. I had to google that and still don’t know what it is, hope it doesn’t happen to me. 😉 Good luck. My template is getting pretty old and was just a free one off the internet.

  2. You should be alright, what you see now is I think the free one I started with….somewhere in the mods I made is what ever has broken it. Been a few years since I’ve done any coding so will have to wait!

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